CBDC(Central Bank Digial Currency)

Project Overview

1. Project name: Sand Dollar. <Central Bank Digital Currency. Central Bank of The Bahamas>

2. Project size: USD 800 million (8 billion Korean won), NZIA Connect revenue of 1.9 billion (as of 19/20)


3. Project Period: March 2019 to March 2021 (2 years)


4. 1st. Pilot : Dec 2019 Exuma Island

5. 2nd Pilot : Jan 2020 Abaco Island

Exuma Island Pilot

 On December 27, 2019, the Bahamas Central Bank Digital Currency (Sand Dollar) was issued on the Bahamas Exuma Island. NZIA Connect, the world's first central bank digital currency, supplied NZIA-NET, CBDC's payment network.

 NZIA-NET is a private network platform dedicated to CBDC at the Bahamas Central Bank, consisting of TVWS BS/CPE, WiFIAP, P2P Bridge, and NMS.

Sand Dollar Project

 NZIA Connect overcame numerous challenges and successfully supplied the Bahamas Sand Dollar project, the world's first CBDC, and, in particular, successfully supplied the NZIA-NET platform with a CBDC-only payment network to promote South Korea's technology worldwide.

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Famous media, such as Forbes and CNN, have reported extensively on the world's first central bank digital currency, the Bahamas Central Bank Digital Currency (Sand Dollar).

NZIA Connect has increased its position to the fullest as a provider of Hybrid Wireless Network and also as a leader in the CBDC communications market.

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